Values on guard

Xavier Iglesias

Blanca Anguera Blanch

Carles González-Arévalo

*Corresponding author: Xavier Iglesias

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Iglesias, X., Anguera Blanch, B., & González Arévalo, C. (2007). Values on guard. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 87, 35-53.



“Values on guard” it’s a didactic unit of ten sessions of duration that uses a sport of opponent, the fencing, as a means to educate on values the students of first course of secondary education. The intrinsic characteristics of this sport and, especially, the values that transpire from its practice justify the presence of this didactic proposal in the programming of the physical education area in the educational centers. Just to carry it out it will be necessary to acquire a foam sabre for each pupil (a simple, economical and sure material) and to adapt the methodological progression of the fencing that we present next to the characteristics of the students. The programming in physical education in didactic units facilitates the distribution of the contents of the area along the stage. In this sense, this unit of fencing can serve as orientation to elaborate some of other especially for the relevant role of the goals brought up, realistic and measurable, and their evaluation from observable criteria.

Keywords: combat, Didactic Unit, Fencing, Foam Sabre, Physical Education, Values.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: January 1, 2017