The Personal and Social Responsibility Model to Enhance Innovation in Physical Education

Queralt Prat

Oleguer Camerino

Marta Castañer

Juan Andueza

Sílvia Puigarnau

*Corresponding author: Oleguer Camerino Foguet

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Prat, Q., Camerino, O., Castañer, M., Andueza, J., & Puigarnau, S. (2019). The Personal and Social Responsibility Model to Enhance Innovation in Physical Education. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 136, 83-99.



This paper aims to analyse a physical education intervention based on the pedagogical model of teaching personal and social responsibility through physical activity (TPSR) and students’ motivation towards physical education (PE) class at a secondary school. Using mixed methods research, we merge a systematic observational methodology of sessions and questionnaires in order to compare the teaching behaviours of two teachers at a public school in Lleida (Spain) during a three-month period. One teacher implemented a traditional style based on task assignment, while the other teacher introduced an innovative methodology based on awareness, responsibility for action, group meetings and self-assessment. A total of 44 students, 21 females and 23 males (M = 13.95; SD = 1.08), participated in the study. Results show that compared with the traditional approach, TPSR has a positive influence on student development in class and on students’ subsequent favourable perceptions of their Basic Psychological Needs, motivation in physical education, athleticism and active lifestyle. 

Keywords: Mixed Method Research, pedagogical innovation, pedagogical model, Personal and Social Responsibility.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Received: January 18, 2018

Accepted: March 6, 2018

Published: April 01, 2019