Table 3

Authors and publication datesMethodological quality criteria
Milner et al., 2019+++++
Aksu et al., 2018 +++++
Cahalan, Bargary y O`Sullivan, 2018+++++
Cahalan, Kearney, Bhriain et al., 2018++++++
Nair et al., 2018+++++
Cahalan et al., 2017++++++
Cahalan et al., 2016++++++
Castillo-López, 2016+¿o¿+++
Cahalan et al., 2015+++++
Castillo-López et al., 2014++++++
Stein et al., 2013+++++++
Cahalan y O´Sullivan, 2013+++++
Walls et al., 2010++o+++
Noon et al., 2010+++++++
McGuinness y Doody, 2006++++
Tuffery, 1989+++
Bejjani et al., 1988++++

+=yes, -=no, ¿=information not provided, o = not applicable
Methodological quality criteria
1. Definition of injury.
2. Updated record of the fall when it occurred.
3. Memory bias evaluation strategy.
4. Adequate clinical evaluation.
5. The define the duration of the activity or level.
6. Intrinsic risk factor assessment.
7. Extrinsic risk factor assessment.
8. Adequate data analysis (plus if they fulfil two criteria: 1. use of by-group analysis 2. Use of comparative or multivariate analysis 3. + Adequate presentation of results and methods