New training perspectives of the football goalkeeper in evolutionary development

Isidre Ramon Madir

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Ramon Madir, I. (2002). New training perspectives of the football goalkeeper in evolutionary development. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 69, 27-36.



This work endeavors to establish a generic mark of acting in the training of the goalkeeper in football in its evolutive process. As we consider the technical and physical training of the goalkeeper insufficient to guarantee a correct formation in all aspects of the job, we propose a model of formation technical-tactical in which the individual tactics of the goalkeeper has a greater importance than that demonstrated until now in previous models of designed formation. Therefore, in every situation, the goalkeeper has to be able to answer the questions of where, when and how to speak implementing in time and space a certain form of motricity. So, the motive aspect (technical) together with the considerations space-timings conform to the level of rapid actions of the individual tactics.

Level 1 – Stage of no specialization (9-10 years, Benjamin)
Level 2 – Stage of iniciation (11-12 years, Alevin)
Level 3 – Stage of development (13-14 years, Infantil)
Level 4 – Stage of perfectioning (15-16 years, Cadete)
Level 5 – Stage of high level performance (17 or more, Juvenil and Amateur)

Goalkeepers should go throug all these stages, which will take them from their first football contact, until the highest specialization. The establishment of these stages means that we can program the work with sufficient time ad in a progressive an coherent way, unhurriedly and so avoiding jumping steps and stages necessary in the motive education of the goalkeeper in football. Each level or stage of training comes with a progression of exercises and forms of play, that aim at the correct development of the learning of the technical-tactical contents chosen for the particular stage. Therefore, knowing the technical adecuation and the conditionings of time and space, we can pass from the instinctive game of the goalkeeper, based principally on reactions, to an intentional game base on anticipation.

Keywords: Evolutive Process, Football, Goalkeeper, Individual Tactics, Level, Stage.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: July 01, 2002