Immigration and school: integration experiencies in Hamburg

Ute Behnke

Hans-Joachim Roth

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Behnke, U., & Roth, H. J. (2002). Immigration and school: integration experiencies in Hamburg. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 68, 50-56.



This article deals in the first place, with the school system in the Federal State of Hamburg (Federal Republic of Germany) and  the measures adopted for the integration of the  immigrant pupils. Next, we explain in detail the experience  of the Wielandstraße School and the organisation of transition classes to the regular school system. We detail the procedures to obtain the maximum success in the process of integration and we make a critical evaluation of the experience. Finally, we make an analysis and present proposals of PE didactic from an intercultural point of view.

Keywords: Germany, Integration of Immigrant Pupils, Intercultural Didactic of PE, School, Transition Classes.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: April 01, 2002