Ginmastic activities: resources in relation to the session organization

Elisa Estapé tous

Manuel López Moya

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Estapé Tous, E., & López Moya, M. (1998). Ginmastic activities: resources in relation to the session organization. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 54, 30-36.



In general we tend to relate gymnastic activities in schools with the difficulty of the subject itself and the problems of the gymnastic apparatus; difficulties of the time when adequate apparatus is available in schools and also of preparation and putting the apparatus in its place at the beginning and end of the session (translated into a time of moving and setting up of apparatus within the teaching time of each session). It is obvious that the need to organise the session, to have adequate apparatus and the fact of having to set it up in the right place in the gymnasium, creates a very important problem that every teacher should take into account when preparing and practicing the PE classes. The role of the students in the group, the assistance, the help with the setting up and taking down of the apparatus, the participation of the group in the tasks, the level of difficulty of the job, the use of work
cards, etc, are aspects which condition to a great extend the development of the PE sessions. Starting with this reflection, we propose some ideas or suggestions which could help teachers in the organisation and development of their classes.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: October 01, 1998