Application of massages in the Physical Education classroom

Teresa Royo Gil

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Royo Gil, T. (2002). Application of massages in the Physical Education classroom. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 69, 66-75.



This didactic work dedicated to the application of massage began as a continuation in the development of the articles that the Council of Education and Science proposed as part of the baccalaureate curriculum in the Valencian Community. This work could be included within the block of contents called “physical condition and health”.
In this article we justify the need for the application of massage in schools and we propose to treat it from the area of P.E. as a practical subject to be developed in the classroom or gymnasium. The article contains, as well as a justification of the subject, an exhibition of contents and objectives, the material and installations necessary to be able to fulfil the project, the positioning of the subject within the annual area programme and an example of marking or qualification.
Finally, there is an explanation to be used as an example of ten sessions in which we perform different massages: 15 minute massage, self massage, facial massage, arm massage, leg massage, back massage and neck massage.
Also, as an annexe, a proposal for a dossier or material on the history, rules and basic techniques on the performance of the massages that can be given to students at the beginning of this didactic subject.

Keywords: Baccalaureate, Fat, Friction, Health, Massage, Percussion, Pressure, Stress, tensión, Well-Being.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: July 01, 2002