Validation of a measuring system for kicking speed in soccer

Silvia Sedano

Ana Mª de Benito Trigueros

José María Izquierdo Velasco

Juan Carlos Redondo

Gonzalo Cuadrado Sáenz

*Corresponding author: Silvia Sedano Campo

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Sedano Campo, S., de Benito Trigueros, A. M., Izquierdo Velasco, J. M., Redondo Castán, J. C., & Cuadrado Sáenz, G. (2009). Validation of a measuring system for kicking speed in soccer. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 96, 42-46.



It is supposed that a radar gun is a good instrument for measurement but its applications in sports are scarce. The current study tries to validate a measuring system of kicking speed comparing the results offered by a radar gun with those registered with a video system. Four voluntary experimented soccer players took part in the study kicking the ball 100 times (25 attemps each player). Kicking speed was measured with the radar gun Stalker PRO® and the measuring protocol was validated using a video system with the software Kinescan/IBV® 2001. To know the reliability of the results offered by the radar gun in comparison with results registered in the software, the Pearson’s correlation coefficient was calculated. A value of Rxy = 0.998 was obtained. Therefore, results registered by the radar gun, using this protocol, could be considered reliable.

Keywords: Measure, Radar Gun, Soccer, Speed, Validation.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: April 01, 2009