To reflect about gender from school practice scenarios

Lucio Martínez Álvarez

Alfonso García Monge

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Martínez Álvarez, L., & García Monge, A. (2002). To reflect about gender from school practice scenarios. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 69, 118-123.



This article shows some dayly school scenes. Most of them are based on games as they are a normal content in P.E. classes and a habitual activity in school playgrounds, especially in Junior School. We adults have formed an image of this which is very kind-hearted and we find it hard to see the conflicts and instabilities that are covered up by the movements and general enthusiasm, but it is necessary to discover them. In this article we have placed more emphasis in detecting the problems than in ways to transform them. The sessions from which we have taken the scenes did not have as a primary objective the reduction of stereotypes, although, amongst the problems, we did have the creation of learning atmospheres that were more co-educative. In any case, they don’t pretend to be modelic and their value is to help us to make visible some of the multiple concretions in which gender hides and changes, presenting itself before our eyes without being, in many cases, identified as such.

Keywords: Gender, Physical Education, School Games.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: July 01, 2002