The story-teller as an interdisciplinary proposal for primary

Milagros Arteaga Checa

María Luisa Zagalaz Sánchez

Mar Cepero González

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Arteaga Checa, M., Zagalaz Sánchez, M. L., & Cepero González, M. (1999). The story-teller as an interdisciplinary proposal for primary. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 58, 36-40.



In this proposal, we use the story-teller as is suggested in the curriculum, to achieve a globalised piece of work which provides students with a significant learning of the contents of the different areas that the curriculum indicates for the primary stage. It is proposed in such a say that there exists an implication on the part of the group of teachers in the process of elaboration achieving in this way greater student motivation in which the spirit of collaboration and co-operation is seen to be reflected in their teachers. We offer a general view of the objectives that can be developed from a procedural, thematic and postural point of view. At the same time, we set out performance guide-lines in the intervention of the teachers group at the moment of application, considering for this the characteristics that the elements possess in the process of teaching and the methodological aspects to be taken into account when the story-teller has to act. Evaluating this proposal in the physical education area, we shall give previous consideration to the story-teller application, and once these have been overcome, we can organise them in our sessions.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: October 01, 1999