The outsourcing of the municipal sport services. A study in Bizkaia

Inmaculada Martínez de Aldama Ortúzar

Andreu Camps Povill

*Corresponding author: Inmaculada Martínez de Aldama Ortúzar

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Martínez de Aldama Ortúzar, I., & Camps i Povill, A. (2008). The outsourcing of the municipal sport services. A study in Bizkaia. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 92, 74-80.



The study we conducted in Bizkaia, shows that the municipal sport entities have incorporated outsourcing as a fundamental technique for administration and processes management. In this case, outsourcing is not only used for auxiliary processes of the service but also for those key processes of the organization that can be considered the cornerstone from which the mission of local sport government is derived. The main reasons argued for the externalization of services are i) the search for specialists that could assured a higher level in the quality of the service, ii) costs reductions, and iii) a better response to a more demanding and diversified clientele. In this sense, sporting clubs and associations are specially taken into account for running municipal sports schools. In conclusion, service outsourcing must be included as another tool within the strategy of the organization, formalizing the its assessment and control processes in order to know the impact that outsourcing may have over the key processes of municipal sport organizations.

Keywords: Added Value, Clubs, Mission, Municipal Management, Outsourcing.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: April 01, de 2008