Teaching Models for Sports Education and Personal and Social Responsibility: An innovative and inclusive experience through educational kickboxing

José Ignacio Menéndez

*Corresponding author: José Ignacio Menéndez nachomenendeztibet@gmail.com

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The main objective of this doctoral thesis was to examine the im-pact of the application of a hybrid teaching model (sports education and personal and social responsibility, PSR) on secondary school students through educational kickboxing. Three main studies were carried out for this purpose. In the first, the effects of an interven-tion based on this hybrid teaching model on attitudes to violence, responsibility, friendship goals and the basic psychological needs of a group of secondary school students were evaluated experimentally and compared with a traditional teaching approach. In the second, the perceptions of the students and teaching staff of a teaching unit in the hybrid model designed through educational kickboxing were analysed. Finally, in the third, the application of the hybrid mod-el was examined by means of a non-contact kickboxing teaching unit with students with disabilities. The perceptions, feelings and thoughts of students, parents and teachers were explored to under-stand how the combination of models affects inclusion. The results showed that the model boosted the participants’ social responsibil-ity behaviours, competence, attitudes to violence and relationships versus the traditional model. Similarly, students perceived that the model applied through educational kickboxing was a fun, innova-tive approach which helped to improve responsibility, cooperation and friendship among them. Moreover, it was seen as a model that promoted the inclusion of all students, particularly those with some kind of disability. In conclusion, educational kickboxing has been identified as a sport with a major educational significance whose benefits are even greater if it is applied using a hybrid teaching model based on sports education and PSR.

Keywords: Educational Kickboxing, inclusión, Innovation, Model- Based Practice, Teaching Models.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: October 01, 2019

Date read: March 3, 2017