Table 3

Type of PA used with positive effect on executive functions and academic performance.

Kirk & Kirk (2016); Mavilidi et al. (2017); Shoval et al. (2018); Ureña et al. (2020)Integration of PA into lessons; PA integrated into the curriculum; Conscious movement; Physical education with cognitive involvement.
Lundy & Trawick-Smith (2021);
Stein et al. (2017)
Exercises and activities of high intensity and duration.
Gross motor skills exercises.
Motor games.
Padial et al. (2019); Toumpaniari et al. (2015)Combination of PA and gestures for learning curriculum content.
Jarraya et al. (2019)Yoga activities.
Mavilidi et al. (2016)Group games (observing the movements of others can activate neurons related to the same actions).
Omidire et al. (2018); Xiong et al. (2017)Structured physical activity.
Ureña et al. (2020)Complex motor skills.