Table 2

Assessment schedule in the two learning experiences.

Means: assessment activitiesAssessment techniquesAssessment toolsMinimum requirements
TypesWeight (%)Indicators
Activity 1:
Develop and perform a strength or speed-related activation phase in groups.

15 %

15 %
• Calculate heart rate based on the intensity of the PC.
• Select the exercises according to the session objectives.
• The three parts of the activation phase appear.
• Select creative and different exercises.
Activity 2:
Develop and execute a strength or speed-related task plan as a group.
Evaluation target10 %

20 %
• The elements of a task plan appear.
• All members of the group participate in the creation of the training template and the development of the exercises.
• Select creative and different exercises according to the session objectives.
• Propose different levels of execution so that each person can work according to their physical capacities.
Activity 3:
Physical Activity Diary
Self-assessmentChecklist20 %• Evidence of the daily steps through screenshots posted weekly in the shared document on the Drive. 
• Use digital resources (app mobile phone, fitness watches, etc.) to measure daily steps.
• Demonstrate a progression of daily steps.
• Accumulate the agreed daily steps to be an active person.
Activity 4:
Creating a learning folder (portfolio).
Peer-assessmentCulmination20 %• Includes an individual sheet of personal commitments.
• The portfolio is submitted with the formal aspects relevant to the school’s rules on the presentation of work and has a coherent structure.
• Selects materials and procedures that demonstrate the teaching and learning process, justifying their choices.
• Makes corrections and improvements in relation to the feedback made by the teacher and peers.
• Makes a final critical and reflective reflection of their learning process.
Based on ORDER ENS/108/2018, of 4 July, to express the degree of attainment of the curricular competence, the teacher carries out the following conversion: 0-49 points (NA: not achieved); 50-69 (SA: satisfactory achievement); 70-89 (NA: notable achievement (grade B)); 90-100 (EX: excellent achievement (grade A)).