Table 2

Changes in functional capacity, physical fitness and quality of life after 9 weeks of training and 15 weeks of lockdown.

Intervention Group (n = 30)Control Group (n = 16)
Functional Capacity
SPPB Total (0-12 pts.10.801.6310.101.93*-6.48%.47010.251.929.192.66*-10.34%.758
Physical Condition
Senior Fitness Test
Chair Stand (No. rep.)14.182.8615.763.35**11.12%.63212.635.4514.373.7813.80%.489
Arm Curl (No. rep.)18.824.2117.673.15-6.11%.35416.343.9715.973.22-2.29%.141
Sit & Reach (cm)-15.6510.15-8.0011.29***-48.88%.698-12.6912.41-10.9712.68-13.55%.271
Back Scratch (cm)-17.858.14-16.909.69-5.32%.167-14.918.19-16.8410.1813.00%.335
Up & Go (s)6.782.046.061.63***†-10.68%.6676.761.647.312.448.23%.380
Handgrip total (kgf)51.1117.3949.5516.22-3.05%.33554.1916.0151.1713.85*-5.57%.665
Quality of Life
EQ-5D: VAS (0-100)69.1716.9772.0015.404.09%.15867.5016.5371.8814.366.49%.252
Note. SD, standard deviation, ES, effect size; SPPB, Short Physical Performance Battery; EQ-5D: VAS, EuroQoL-5D: visual analogue scale; pts., points; rep., repetitions; cm, centimetres; s, seconds; kgf, kilogram-force. ES calculated for changes between measurements. Significant changes between measurements for each group: * p < .05; ** p < .01; *** p < .001. Significant differences between groups: † p < .05