Table 2

Pupil-perceived experiences in PE classes depending on support to BPN and the use of a controlling style by the PE teachers.

VariablesPupils’ experiences in PE classesFpηp2
Very badBadAverageGoodVery good
M (SE)M (SE)M (SE)M (SE)M (SE)
Support to autonomy1.25a (.37)1.58a (.24)2.74b (.09)3.25c (.05)3.47d (.05)29.51<.001.112
Support to competence1.84a (.36)1.80a (.24)3.14b (.09)3.58c (.04)3.89d (.05)33.41<.001.125
Support to relatedness1.31a (.36)1.68a (.24)3.18b (.09)3.79c (.05)4.15d (.05)51.03<.001.179
Internal controlling style4.68a (.38)3.76a (.25)2.69b (.09)1.99c (.05)1.62d (.05)64.01<.001.215
External controlling style4.22a (.33)3.30a (.22)2.27b (.08)1.88c (.04)1.71d (.05)23.11<.001.090
Note. SE = Standard error. The superscript letters (a, b, c, and d) represent significant differences in motivational teaching style between the different types of experiences in PE.