Table 1

Curricular information of the two learning experiences.

Catalan Regulations: Decree 187/2015 of 25 August.
Curricular Dimension:
Healthy Physical Activity. 
Competences specific to PECurricular contentCurricular assessment criteria
C1. Implement a work plan to improve or maintain individual fitness in relation to health.• Strength and speed: concept, characteristics, effects and training methods. Safety standards and risk prevention.2. Relate physical activities to the effects they have on the human body’s various systems.
• Fitness and health assessment tests (questionnaires, tests and quizzes).4. Measure the intensity of the task performed using the heart rate.
7. Become aware of individual physical condition and show willingness to improve it.
• Design and execution of a warm-up suitable to the physical activity to be performed.
• Elements of a task plan.
1. Plan and implement a general warm-up, recognising its main effects.
Learning objectivesLearning contentSpecific assessment criteria
1. Assessing individual fitness and health.• Physical fitness tests (Cooper run test, long jump, medicine ball throw, etc.)1. Identify individual physical fitness strengths and weaknesses.  
2. Identify individual physical condition and develop personal commitments, through a portfolio.
2. Identify the elements of a task plan. • The elements of the task plan: assessment of the level of physical condition, assessment of interests, establishment of objectives, selection of physical capacities, selection of exercises,review of materials to be used and organisation of the session.3. Develop a task plan aimed at strength or speed work.
3. Design appropriate warm-ups for the designed physical activity.• Indentifying the different parts of an activation-warm-up phase: joint mobility, continuous running, stretching.
• Creating an appropriate warm-up for the activity to be performed.
4. Develop an appropriate activation phase for the physical activity to be performed.
5. Perform heart rate monitoring during the activation phase.
4. Build a task plan for each skill (strength and speed). • Creating a task plan to work on strength.
• Creating a work plan to work on speed.
3. Develop a task plan aimed at strength or speed work.
6. Execute a task plan developed by another group and relate the work plan to the effects it has on the various systems in the human body.