Table 1

Variable Descriptive Statistics.

VariableDescriptionMinMaxMean (SD)
Associated with the
contractual relationship
cfreqNumber of weekly sessions signed up for172.07 (1.82)
nrenewalsNumber of contract renewals041.03 (1.06)
imonth Enrolment month1127.25 (3.17)
tbilledTotal amount billed during the enrolment01.293 161.77 (158.56)
Associated with the attendance behaviornentriesNumber of visits to the sports facility during enrolment132329.82 (35.39)
maccessAverage weekly visits0.013.940.60 (0.42)
dayswfreqDays without attendance before dropout until October 31, 201701.07348.72 (73.42)
Other activities and
nactivitiesNumber of activities other than swimming performed by the participant131.07 (0.27)
crefNumber of customer referrals150.30 (0.55)
Socio-demographicageAge of the participants in years08818.65 (19.29)
genderGender (0-female, 1-male)010.42 (0.48)
OutcomesmonthsCustomer enrolment time in months04713.30 (10.91)
dropoutIndicative of customers’ commitment
(0=active, 1=inactive)
010.57 (0.49)
Source: own elaboration.