Table 1

Scores for a modified version of the checklist (Downs and Black, 1998).

Question number
Author (Year)12345678910Total
Cushion and Townsend (2018)++++++++++10
Driska (2018) +++++++++9
Koh et al. (2017)++++++++++10
Stoszkowski and Collins (2015)+++++++++9
Kubayi et al. (2016)+++++++++9
Sackey-Addo and Pérez (2016)++NRNRNR+++NR6
Pope et al. (2015)++++++++8
Augustýn y Jůva (2014)++++++++8
Callary et al. (2011)++++++++++10
Mester and Wigger (2011)+NRNR+NR+++NR5
Sanz (2011)++NRNR+NR+++NR6
Cushion et al. (2010)++NRNR++++++8
Reade (2008)++++++++++10
Over (2008)+NRNR+NRNR+++5
Note. NR = not recorded; + = meets the criteria; – = does not meet the criteria; (1) Was the objective of the study clearly stated? (2) Was relevant prior literature reviewed? (3) Was the sample described in detail? (4) Was the sample size justified? (5) Was the design appropriate for the question investigated? (6) Were the results reported with their statistical significance? (7) Were the analysis methods appropriate for the investigation design? (8) Were the conclusions appropriate given the study findings? (9) Are there implications for future research given the results of the study?
(10) Did the authors acknowledge and describe the limitations of the study?