Study of the cognitive processes developed by the athlete during decision takin

Perla Moreno Arroyo

Juan Pedro Fuentes

Fernando del Villar Álvarez

Damián Iglesias

José Antonio Julián Clemente

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Moreno Arroyo, P., Fuentes García, J. P., Del Villar Álvarez, F., Iglesias Gallego, D., & Julián Clemente, J. A. (2003). Study of the cognitive processes developed by the athlete during decision takin. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 73, 24-29.



From the theory of the processing information, the practice of team sports, distinguished by quick and precise adjustment, in deficit of time, to a dynamical environment and fickle, require of  the players a series of capacities about perception, decision, and execution processes, which ones we understand as determinant factors of  sports performance. In those sports activities where there develop motor skills of open character, an important cognitive implication is needed on the part of the player who analyzes the diverse situations of game and gets in himself to a continuous process of making decisions, where he will choose the actions that, from his point of view, can offer him more guarantees of success. The investigation that we present intends to study the cognitive processes involved in decision making of the basketball player in ball possession, we have employed for it, a qualitative methodology of “ stimulation of the recollection ”, based in the situations filmed of reduced game, for their later projection and analysis by means of an interview, with the aim to accede to his thought during decision making process

Keywords: Basketball, Cognitive Processes, Decision-Making, Single Tactic, team sports.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: July 01, 2003