Study of sports facilities for Physical Education. Their planification in schools of the province of León

Manuel López Moya

Elisa Estapé tous

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López Moya, M., & Estapé Tous, E. (2002). Study of sports facilities for Physical Education. Their planification in schools of the province of León. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 69, 86-94.



The most relevant aspects in this research are the following:  the assessment of the spaces for the P.E. lessons in different schools in Castilla y León, the sports space offer in León province, the methodology carried out for this study and the planning proposal for each school in the mentioned location.
Firstly we compare the sports space schools offer with the current regulation (Real Decreto 1004/91) – dealing only with the space type and surface (m2) – Secondly, the applied methodology is also relevant since we have used L. Bach´s (1993, 1994) original formulae on planning school sports spaces and and put them in practice in a determined territory, León province.
Subsequently, the assessment of the location of the sports spaces in Castilla y León should be mentioned as something unknown up to now, since the analysis of the school space offer was not carried out in the Census of Sports Facilities and Spaces in Castilla y León (1992).
Finally, the analysis of the state in León province is very insufficient according to the formulae. So we have prepared a planning proposal explaining the kind of sports space for each Primary and Secondary Education centre in each municipality. This proposal is done in terms of the number of units in each centre, what means the formula application to a specific case. Due to the sociodemographic characteristics of this province, in the municipalities with few inhabitants in the rural environment, it would be advisable to build 20x10m spaces to facilitate physical, cultural and recreative uses for all the people out of the school time table. So, the different contributions are pioneer in Spain.

Keywords: Physical Education, Planning, Schools, Sports Facilities.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: July 01, 2002