Play the Game: gamification and healthy habits in physical education

Meritxell Monguillot

Carles González-Arévalo

Carles Zurita Mon

Lluís Almirall Batet

Montse Guitert Catasús

*Corresponding author: Carles González Arévalo

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Monguillot Hernando, M., González Arévalo, C., Zurita Mon, C., Almirall Batet, L., & Guitert Catasús, M. (2015). Play the Game: gamification and healthy habits in physical education. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 119, 71-79.



This study shows the impact of using gamification as a learning strategy in Physical Education to develop healthy habits. The study, designed as a gamified teaching unit called Play The Game, has been used in the second year of secondary education in three schools in Barcelona. The aim of the study has been to control healthy heart rate in physical activity through gamified challenges based on levels, points, classifications and badges. Moreover, Play The Game has introduced innovative elements such as individual attention, cooperation, emotions, technology and combining formal and informal contexts to meet current educational demands and the new ecologies of learning (Coll, 2013). The study has been based on a qualitative and sociocritical methodology and it has been implemented using an action research design. Data were collected by questionnaires and discussion groups. The findings showed the potential of gamification as an emerging learning strategy in Physical Education to increase learning motivation and develop healthy habits in students.

Keywords: Gamification, Physical Education, secondary school.

ISSN: 1577-8757

Received: February 7, 2014

Accepted: June 19, 2014

Published: January 01, 2015