Motivational atmosphere in Physical Education classes: a practical aproach from the Theory of Goals of Achieving

Tomás García Calvo

Francisco J. Santos-Rosa Ruano

Ruth Jiménez Castuera

Eduardo M. Cervelló Gimeno

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In the following study, are analyzed the motivational processes that are developed in the classes of Physical Education. Based on the Achievement Goal Theory (Nicholls, 1989; Ames, 1992), are explained each one of the different factors that form this theory (Orientations, Climates and Involvements Motivacional) and the relationship among them. Also, in the study are exposed several researches have shown these relationships and have proved that to develop a task involving climate can improve the behavioural patterns in the students. Lastly, a methodological proposition is made to develop a task involving climate by the Physical Education’s Teacher, with the benefits that it reports.

Keywords: Achievement Goals, Methodological Strategies, Motivational Climate.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2005