Methodology to analyse and evaluate the school space and sport equipment safety

Pedro Ángel Latorre-Román

*Corresponding author: Pedro Ángel Latorre Román

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Latorre Román, P. A. (2008). Methodology to analyse and evaluate the school space and sport equipment safety. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 93, 62-70.



The physical practice of sports entails in itself an activity of certain risk due to the different elements that determine it: the use of parts of the body, limited spaces, the age of the participants, the weather conditions and, above all, the speed of execution as the most important factor. Nowadays, sport facilities and equipments in the schools are still insufficient and, in many cases, badly built and fail to observe basic regulations, which implies certain danger.  The evaluation of the schools sports facilities and equipments is the most important work in order to prevent risks in the class of Physical Education.  We think that it is an essential professional responsibility, although there is not a big awareness of the problem yet and there are even fewer instruments of operative and reliable analyses.  Next, we set out a model of analysis to observe how safe sport facilities and equipments are, based on specific criteria, as a result of our teaching experience and, of course, based on normative elements that rule the sport facilities and equipments.

Keywords: Equipment, Evaluation, Facilities, Physical Education, Security.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2008