Evaluation and contrasts of the methods of traditional and playful education

Fabio Bovi

Antonio Palomino Martín

Juan José González Henríquez

*Corresponding author: Fabio Bovi fabiobovi@hotmail.com

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Bovi, F., Palomino, A., & González Henríque, J. J. (2008). Evaluation and contrasts of the methods of traditional and playful education. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 94, 29-36.



As everybody knows, swimming is today one of the most advisable sports, thereby is very interesting its study, and the understanding of the different topics that characterize this sport, with special regard to fixed age ranges. The goal of this study is the knowledge of the differences that arise between the traditional-classic teaching methodology of swimming and the playful teaching methodology.
The reason that led us to the implementation of this study was the necessity to verify whether both methodologies impact the same on learning to swim, and, if not, which one is more effective and complete.
In order to give an answer to our hypothesis, we have analyzed all kind of aspects that could produce an impact on the learning of swimming, above all the ones related to the chosen age ranges (3 to 8 years). The results confirmed us that important differences exist between the two methodologies.

Keywords: Learning, Methodology, Playful Teaching, Swimming, Traditional Teaching.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: October 01, 2008