Electromyographic and effort perception analysis of the “tirante musculador” with respect to half squat exercises

Marzo Edir Da Silva

Josep Maria Padullés Riu

Victor Núñez Álvarez

Diana Vaamonde

Bernardo Viana Montaner

José Ramon Gómez Puerto

José Luis Lancho Alonso

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Edir Da Silva, M., Padullés, J. M., Núñez Álvarez, V., Vaamonde , D., Viana Montaner , B., Gómez Puerto , J. R., & Lancho Alonso, J. L. (2005). Electromyographic and effort perception analysis of the "tirante musculador" with respect to half squat exercises. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 82, 45-52.



The purpose of the present study has been to compare the knee flexo-extension exercise performed with the muscular belt (TM) with the half squat exercise using different intensities. Likewise, the effort perceived by the subjects at each point was compared. Twelve active male subjects were chosen for such purpose, they underwent vastus lateralis electromyographic recordings. The results obtained suggest that there is not a significant difference when comparing the exercise done with the TM and no extra load to the half squat exercise with an external load of 50  % of a maximal repetition (1RM). Likewise, there were no differences found between the TM with 10kg of extra load and the half squat with external load of 60  % of 1RM, and for the TM with 20 kg extra load and the half squat exercise with external load of 70 % of 1RM. It can be derived from the results obtained that exercising with the TM can be a rather efficient alternative for strength training; among its many advantages it can be remarked its “easy to use” handling, low economic cost, and, above all, the fact that it can be a training method that can avoid injuries since it does not need excessively high external loads.

Keywords: Electromyography, Power, Strength.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: October 01, 2005