Elective: “To know is to love”

Esther Vilalta

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Vilalta, E. (2000). Elective: "To know is to love". Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 60, 26-36.



The article that we present is a collection of the main parts of a variable credit, designed and carried out in a Secondary school in the suburbs of Barcelona. It forms a part of the thesis of Adapted Physical Activities presented to the National Institute of Physical Education of Barcelona, under the tittle of “Normalising sport in Secondary Schools”: a line of work to facilitate integration amongst students of secondary education, through the subject of PE (variable credit, common credit, middle cycle credit) “To know is to like” tries to give ways of communication between secondary students: often the students are afraid of or don’t know how to relate with those who present special educative needs. Adapted sport could be a starting point. The credit is designed in such a way that all students (with or without special educative needs) take maximum advantage. The first find and live new enriching situations in the development of their personality, the students with special educative needs, for the first time, could find themselves superior to their companions, their differences will make them reply better to the necessities of concentration or skill that adapted or specific sport requires. We sincerely believe that this credit should form a part of the list of typified credits that the Education Department facilitates. The work that is currently being done in Primary Schools to normalise integration cannot be curtailed with the change to Secondary. The ESO allows us to do it, let’s try it!

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: April 01, 2000