Analysis of Supply and Demand in Adventure Physical Activities in Nature Tourism. Case Study of L’Alt Empordà

Vicenç Cánovas Pereda

Original Language Spanish



Adventure physical activities in nature (APAN) are currently one of the most in-demand forms of tourism in terms of the objectives of and reasons for tourist trips, generating a reality that must be addressed by the destination regions. This study sets out to analyse this phenomenon, framed within the logic of post-Fordist tourism with a consolidated demand in recent years in the region of L’Alt Empordà, and to shed light on its reality and complexity in terms of regional development. The study’s overarching objective is to analyse the adventure physical activities in nature practices in tourism in L’Alt Empordà and its regional development in order to lay the groundwork for a new comprehensive and sustainable tourism model of APAN practices. The results point to a heterogeneous demand met by the APAN practices implemented by the companies in this region, thereby confirming, from the standpoint of supply, organisational and structural insufficiency in the development of a comprehensive policy and strategy by all the regional stakeholders. Thus, through the proposal of the case study, providing the foundations needed to build a new comprehensive and sustainable tourism model of APAN practices through strategic and participative planning is deemed timely and important.

Keywords: Active Tourism, Adventure Physical Activities in Nature (APAN), Demand, Management, Regional Development, Supply.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Date read: 7 February 2018