A new lateraity valoration test for Physical Education professionals

Mª Carmen Mayolas Pi

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Mayolas Pi, M. C. (2003). A new lateraity valoration test for Physical Education professionals. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 71, 14-22.



In the various studies carried out on laterality we can point out the existing differences in respect to its concept, given the same focus. it has been defined from a quantitative point of view (Pieron), but also from a more qualitative point of view (Harris, Hildreth). Some base their work on the upper limb (Auzias, Peters, Mesbah and others, Oldham and Armstrong), others include the lower limb and/or the eye (Zazzo, Galifret-Granjon, Lerbert, Harris, Lee and others) and the least in hearing or speaking (Morais and Bertelson, Khalfa, Ricketts and others, Tomatis and Subirana). For all that the manner of evaluation of laterality differs (questionnaires, with an oral reply or written; tests, where exists a manipulation) as well as the forms used to define the coefficients of laterality. In an in-depth study we propose an interesting and new test made up of 12 tests in the ambit of physical education and with easily acquired material, with which we define the 5 coefficients of laterality (upper limb, lower limb, eyesight, body and spinning sense, and facts about body make-up, balance and the subject’s coordination.

Keywords: Laterality, Physical Education, Questionnaire.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: January 01, 2003