Variation in lower limbs’ power in high level feminine handball players

Salvador Olaso

Jordi Martínez Pardo

Antoni Planas Anzano

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Olaso Climent, S., Martínez Pardo, J., & Planas Anzano, A. (2004). Variation in lower limbs' power in high level feminine handball players. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 76, 35-42.



In the present investigation, the modification of the maximum power values of lower extremities was measured and analysed in relation to external loads, representative of body weight (BW), through two standardised movements: a) extension of legs (muscular action of lifting with regards to exterior load representing a 50 % and 100 % BW). b) flexion-extension of legs (muscular action of lifting and holding on representative load of a 50 % and a 100 % BW). The above mentioned depending on two different trainings –plyometric method against traditional one with free loads, for women of a handball team during competition time. Eight women voluntarily took part in this study . From the results, we can see that there is an increase of the maximum power values between TI and TF in relation to the concentric performing way 50 %BW and to the type 1 training group –plyometrics– and though it doesn’t exist a statistical meaning (p>0,05), technically we consider the increase as important for some players, especially taking in account their qualities. Furthermore, the maximum power increases result to be determinant when they are obtained by persons who also used type 1 training in the concentric performing way 100 % BW. They improve their maximum power values within the two tests (+95 watts average) (p<0,05). The described differences reflect increases in the power-strength method for lower extremities in the women doing plyometrics training. Other results confirm the variations (decreases) using type 2 training –free loads– between TI and TF, as much in the concentric performing way 50% BW and 100 % BW as in the eccentric-concentric performing way 50 % BW and 100 % BW.

Keywords: Explosive Strenght, Free Weight, Handball, isocontrol, Plyometric Method, Power.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: April 01, 2004