The Fitness Centres of the City of Zaragoza

Nerea C. Estrada-Marcén

Gonzalo Sanz-Gonzalo

Javier Simón-Grima

Jaime Casterad-Seral

Alberto Roso-Moliner

*Corresponding author: Nerea C. Estrada-Marcén

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Estrada-Marcén, N. C., Sanz-Gonzalo, G., Simón-Grima, J., Casterad-Seral, J., & Roso-Moliner, A. (2019). The Fitness Centres of the City of Zaragoza. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 135, 118-136.



The purpose of this paper is to describe in detail the characteristics of the fitness centres in Zaragoza (Spain). A total of 19 centres participated in the study, and after telephone contact, their technical directors or coordinators completed a questionnaire created for this purpose on “Google Drive”. Among the variables of the study are the size of the centres, their age, the number of workers, monthly subscription, activities offered, activities preferred by the users, kinds of training rooms in the centres, and whether they perform functional assessments or adaptation for persons with disabilities.

Keywords: Equipment, fitness, Fitness Centre, Services, Sports Facilities.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Received: April 7, 2017

Accepted: October 6, 2017

Published: January 01, 2019