The First Spanish Physical Education Professional and Scientific Journals(1882-1936)

Xavier Torrebadella Flix

*Corresponding author: Xavier Torrebadella i Flix

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Torrebadella i Flix, X. (2012). The First Spanish Physical Education Professional and Scientific Journals(1882-1936). Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 109, 11-24.



We present the first scientific, technical and professional physical education journals published in Spain during the period 1882-1936: El Gimnasio (1882), El Gimnasta Español (1882), La Ilustración Gimnástica (1886-1887), La Regeneración Física (1895-1897), La Educación Física Nacional (1899 and 1905), La Educación Física (1919 and 1932), Gimnàstica (1934) and other related journals. We show how these publications held a strategic position that helped to secure a technical, doctrinal and professional space in the field of physical education and gymnastic and sporting practice. Based on these specific publications, the purpose of the study focuses on highlighting their main champions and analysing the scientific and professional approach of the publication and its impact on the institutionalisation of physical education. This demonstrates how these journals became the cornerstones in the ideology and recognition of Spanish physical education and hence their powerful influence in the implementation of major institutional projects which took shape in events as important as the passing of the Act of 9 March 1883, the founding of the Central Gymnastics School (1887), the Association of Official Teachers of Gymnastics (1891), the setting up of the first departmental heads of gymnastics in secondary education schools (1896), the Spanish Gymnastics Federation (1898), the Central School of Gymnastics (1919) and the School of Physical Education (1933).

Keywords: Gymnastics, Period 1882-1936, Physical Education, Spanish Journals, sports.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Received: September 5, 2011

Accepted: June 26, 2012

Published: July 01, 2012