Table 5

Differences in event-related elements according to the number of times partaking in the event.

1 (a)2 (b)> 2 (c)FSig.Post Hoc
Professionalism of the Organisation and Volunteers5.605.715.740.291.747
Quality of the Refreshment Facilities5.305.555.480.792.454
Runner’s Goody Bag and Other Giveaways4.574.894.861.318.269
Journey Quality5.836.055.900.589.555
Clarity of Prior Information5.
Implementation of Environmental Protection Measures5.435.575.490.233.792
Village Quality4.054.544.512.882.057
Atmosphere and Spectator Support4.845.134.930.924.397
Tradition and History of the Event4.494.705.083.917.021*a<c
Registration Fee5.044.974.890.265.767
Photographic Service for the Athletes During the Race4.034.554.372.620.074
Proximity of the Event to Place of Residence3.734.124.131.623.198