Table 4

Distribution by percentages of the perception of affective items in popular cooperation-opposition motor games

Affective itemNeverSometimesMany times
I am scared90100
I am an active child4.2921.4374.28
I feel bodily sensations of being jittery71.4322.865.71
I am an attentive, caring person4.293065.71
I am a determined child7.1437.1455.72
I feel nervous72.8624.282.86
I feel inspired21.4347.1431.43
I am ashamed72.8624.282.85
I am a sharp, alert child1031.4358.57
I am in a bad mood (get upset or irritated)78.5718.571.85
I feel proud (of something), satisfied5.7144.2950
I am enthusiastic (about things, people, etc.)17.1448.5734.29
I am angry and furious88.578.572.85
I am a frightened boy or girl78.5717.144.29
I feel guilty87.1411.431.43
I feel I have vitality, energy4.292075.71
I feel upset or annoyed88.57101.43
I’m an animated person, I usually get excited12.864047.14
I feel tense, overwhelmed, with a sensation of stress81.4318.570
I’m interested in people or things1038.5751.43