Table 3

Content analysis of articles dealing with the location and source action of ball possession.

Van Rooyen et al., 2006 (n = 25) *matchesTeams that take possession closer to the opponent’s try zone have a higher ratio of points in that sequence of play.
Vaz et al., 2019 (n = 8) *matchesWinning teams initiate more possessions from static phases than their opponents.
Schoeman & Schall, 2019 (n = 1,162) *matchesPossession that is initiated from turnovers in static phases averages the highest ratio of points compared to other possession initiations.
Coughlan et al., 2019 (n = 135) *matchesPossession that is initiated from static phases within the opposing 22m zone is identified as the source with the highest percentage of success.
Watson et al., 2017 (n = 313) *matchesWinning teams gain possession of the ball inside the opposing 22m zone twice as often as losing teams, also averaging twice as many points when playing in that zone.