Table 3

Lines of research and studies which they consist.

Línea de investigaciónStudies
To describe the technological and computer tools available to coaches for their education and skill acquisitionOver (2008), Cushion et al. (2010), Sanz (2011), Sackey-Addo and Pérez (2016)
To examine coaches’ preferences for their educationReade et al. (2008), Callary et al. (2011) Pope et al. (2015), Kubayi et al. (2016), Stoszkowski and Collins (2015)
To analyse the use of online resources by coaches for their educationMester and Wigger (2011), Augustýn and Jůva  (2014)
To assess the effectiveness of online education resources and programmes for the education of coachesKoh et al. (2017), Driska (2018), Cushion and Townsend (2018)