Table 3

Significant differences according to the location of the equipment

EquipmentItemx̄ Locationp
Goals6.2.1 Has a net.90.029.2<.001
6.2.2 Net in good condition.81.547.4.005
6.4.1 Has anti-tip system.86.799.2.005
6.4.2 Attachment system in good condition.65.496.9<.001
Baskets7.1.1 Support structure in good condition.98.375.7<.001
7.1.7 Open space, obstacle-free.75.997.1<.001
7.2.1 Board in good condition.97.365.3<.001
7.2.2 Board protected with padding.24.1.0<.001
7.3.1 Hoop in good condition.100.083.6<.001
7.4.1 Has a net.94.035.7<.001
7.4.2 Net in good condition.94.567.2<.001
7.5.1 Net attached to hoop.90.845.9<.001
7.6.1 Has an attachment or ballast system.
7.6.2 Attachment or ballast system in good condition.100.062.6<.001
7.8.3 UNE-EN 1270 marking.21.46.9<.001
Volleyball standards8.1.1 Standard in good condition.94.139.5<.001
8.1.2 Lack of edges or rims.100.058.1<.001
8.1.3 No risk of entrapment.94.162.8<.001
8.2.1 Has a net.76.527.9<.001
8.3.1 Corrosion-resistant tightener.92.346.2<.001
8.6.1 UNE-EN 1271 marking.
Note. Own data.