Table 2

Descriptive statistics and correlations (ρ) between the appropriate and inappropriate actions at the three tactical levels and the successful completion of the attack.

1. Successful completion of attack01.24.43
2. Appropriate team-level actions01.10.22.38**
3. Inappropriate team-level actions .331.28.15-.35-.91*
4. Appropriate small group level actions .507.74.92.09*.27*-.19*
5. Inappropriate small group level actions14.98.78-.25-.19*.23*-.23*
6. Appropriate individual level actions01.**.41*-.04.30*-.19*
7. Inappropriate individual level actions01.11.22.21**.17*-.18*.14*-.24.02
Note. M: mean, SD: standard deviation, ρ: Spearman’s Rho correlations, *p < .05, **p < .001.