Table 2

Strength exercises used by each of the three experimental groups.

Trunk flexorsAbdominal crunchAbdominal crunch on machineWeighted crunches
Trunk extensorsPelvis liftsMachine back extension        Roman chair weighted back extension  
LegStep up and Bulgarian split squat Leg pressesLunges with Olympic bar
PectoralPush-upsChest pressDumbbell press
BackBench dips (hands separated at shoulder’s width)Rowing machineOne arm dumbbell row
Elbow extensorsPush-ups (hands separated at shoulder’s width)Triceps on triceps dip machineTriceps kickback
Elbow flexorsPull-ups (horizontal, oblique and vertical position) palm grip at shoulder’s widthBiceps curl on Scott machineAlternative dumbbell curl
Note. ITG: body weight training group; WMTG: weight training machine training group; FWTG: free weights training group.