Table 2

Relationship between reasons for taking performance-enhancing drugs and opinion on legalising doping in high-performance sports

Legalisation of doping in high-performance sports
ReasonsIn favourEn contraAgainstp
To enhance my athletic performance and win an Olympic gold13 (65.00 %)59 (18.04 %)72<.001*
To become one of the most successful athletes in history and be world-famous11 (55.00 %)53 (16.21 %)64<.001*
To be admired by my social milieu (friends, peers, family, partner) on account of my success2 (10.00 %)12 (3.67 %)14.16
To earn large amounts of money13 (65.00 %)69 (21.10 %)82<.001*
To be much more physically attractive7 (35.00 %)28 (8.56 %)35<.001*
Category in which there is a significant difference.