Table 2

Competencies developed and forms of assessment and grading received during pre-service training according to whether or not the respondent is working as a teacher

Is working M (SD)Is not working M (SD)p
Design, application and assessment of teaching-learning processes in PE–0.12 (1.09)0.05 (0.96).101
Motor and sport contents0.11 (1.03)–0.04 (0.99).134
Physical conditioning and health contents0.08 (0.93)–0.03 (1.03).232
The use of formative assessment has helped you to acquire teaching competencies2.80 (0.95)2.81 (0.90).904
Interaction with professors fosters the assessment process3.59 (0.65)3.47 (0.79).119
Assessment tests were announced sufficiently in advance3.17 (0.81)3.12 (0.82).493
The assessment tests were based on an agreement with the students1.89 (1.31)1.58 (1.20).013
Previous knowledge of the assessment system fostered the learning process3.31 (0.81)3.22 (0.89).330
Heterograding3.22 (0.86)3.26 (0.80).667
Self-grading1.52 (1.12)1.22 (1.08).006
Dialogued grading1.17 (1.19)0.99 (1.10).116
Co-grading1.50 (1.05)1.15 (0.99).001
Note. The significant differences appear in bold.