Table 1

Motor Coordination System (COS).

CriterionCategory systemsDescription
Motor skillMotor locomotion (LOC). Motor skills that allow the body to move from one point in space to another. 
Motor stability (STA). Motor skills that allow the body to maintain balance without motor locomotion. 
Motor manipulation (MAN). Motor skills that allow for receiving, throwing, striking or driving/holding an object or body.
Combination (COM). Combination of the above motor skills.
CoordinationPrecision (PRE). Correct calculation of distance and space. 
Efficiency (EFF). The end result/motor objective is achieved. 
Synergies (SYN). Only the required muscular energy is expended and no unnecessary movements are made.
Height level of the spaceAerial (AER). The motor skill is done in the air, without the body being supported.
Terrestrial (TER).The motor skill is done on the ground.
Location in spaceCentral (CEN). The task is performed in the central area of the space where the core of the tactical action of the activity takes place.
Peripheral (PER). The task is performed in the distal part of the centre of the court.
Inactivity pausePause (PAU).Moment of inactivity as a result of a voluntary stoppage, which is not related to the dynamics or operation of the activity.