Table 1

Assessment of the methodological quality (PEDro scale) of the articles included.

Bateman et al. (2001) 111100011118
Tang et al. (2016)111100011118
Khattab et al. (2020) 111100011118
Studenski et al. (2005) 111100011118
Kim and Yim (2017) 111100011118
Ozdemir et al. (2001) 111100011118
Quaney et al. (2009) 111100011118
Immink et al. (2014)111100011118
Bo et al. (2019) 111100011118
Note. C1: choice criteria were specified; C2: subjects were randomly assigned to groups (in a crossover study, subjects were randomised as they received treatments); C3: allocation was concealed; C4: groups were similar at baseline with regard to the most important prognostic indicators; C5: all subjects were blinded; C6: all therapists who administered therapy were blinded; C7: all assessors who
measured at least one key ou come were blinded; C8: measures of at least one of the key outcomes were obtained from more than 85% of the subjects initially assigned to the groups; C9: results were presented for all subjects who received treatment or were assigned to the control group or, when this was not possible, data for at least one key outcome were analysed by intention-to-treat; C10: results
of statistical comparisons between groups were reported for at least one key outcome; C11: the study provides point and variability measures for at least one key outcome.