Table 1

Parameters and variables recorded during the sessions with the study participants.

Internal load
Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE, Borg 1990)Scale CR-10  
 External load
Total volume Exposure time (minutes)
Training programme
Specificity (Solé, 2008)Generic (level 1-2). General conditioning work (continuous run, bicycle, etc.)
General (level 3-4). Individual strength and injury prevention task, circuits without a ball
Targeted (level 5-6). Tasks without opposition. Technical circuits, waves and combined actions
Special (level 7-8-9) from 1-on-1 to 10-on-10. Basic tactical situations, waves with opposition, position or possession play, and line work with opposition
Competitive (level 10). Training matches 11-on-11 or official competitions
Injury rate 
Injury (Fuller et al., 2006)Time loss injury