Table 1

InOb-FOB observation instrument

No.CriterionCategories: codes and brief description
1RegisterObs) Observability; Inob) Inobservability
2Match1) Semi-final; 2) Final
3Period1) 1st part; 2) 2nd part
4PlayerJ1) Player 1; J8) Player 8; J9) Player 9; J10) Player 10; J11) Player 11; J12) Player 12; J13) Player 13; J17) Player 17; J19) Player 19; J21) Player 21; J22) Player 22; J23) Player 23; J24) Player 24; J27) Player 27; J32) Player 32; J34) Player 34; J41) Player 41; J42) Player 42
5Zone where action startsZI1A ZI1B ZI2A ZI2B ZI3A ZI3B ZI4A ZI4B ZI5A ZI5B ZI6A ZI6B ZI7A ZI7B ZIUDefI ZIUDefD ZIDefI ZIDefD ZICreI ZICreD
7Offensive systemS33) Classic 3:3 system; S332p) 3:3 system with double pivot; S24) 2:4 system; S43) 4:3 system; S34) 3:4 system; S41) 4:1 system; S32) 3:2 system; S23) 2:3 system
8Goalkeeper-PlayerA) Left backcourt; B) Centre; C) Right backcourt; D) Right wing; E) Pivot; F) Left wing; NGP) No Goalkeeper-Player
9Rival defensive systemSDC) Closed Defensive System; SDA) Open Defensive System; Pres) Individual pressure
10No. of attacking players1J) 1 player; 2J) 2 players; 3J) 3 players; 4J) 4 players; 5J) 5 players; 6J) 6 players; 7J) 7 players
11No. of players in defence0P) Goalkeeper; 1P) 1 player + goalkeeper; 2P) 2 players + goalkeeper; 3P) 3 players + goalkeeper; 4P) 4 players + goalkeeper; 5P) 5 players + goalkeeper; 6P) 6 players + goalkeeper
12Offensive situationIG) Equality; SUP) Superiority; SUPEx) Exaggerated superiority; INF) Inferiority; INFEx) Exaggerated inferiority
13Type of attackPositional, counterattack
14Contact with the ballAT1) reception; AT2) reception + bounce; AT3) reception + bounce + pass; AT4) reception + bounce + throw; AT5) reception + pass; AT6) reception + throw; AT13) reception + bounce + feint + pass; AT14) reception + bounce + feint + throw; AT15) reception + feint + pass; AT16) reception + feint + throw; AT12) reception + loss; AT22) reception + bounce + loss; AT32) reception + bounce + pass + loss; AT42) reception + bounce + throw + loss; AT52) reception + pass + loss; AT62) reception + throw + loss; AT132) reception + bounce + feint + pass + loss; AT142) reception + bounce + feint + throw + loss; AT152) reception + feint + pass + loss; AT162) reception + feint + throw; AT7) pass; AT8) throw; C1) one touch by a player in the observed team
15Situation of the actionSUSP) Suspension; APOY) Assist; DRP) Drop
16Type of throwTG) Throw with goal; TB) Throw blocked/intercepted by a player in the rival team other than the goalkeeper; TM) Throw to the posts without goal; TF) Throw out of bounds; TP) Throw blocked or deflected by the goalkeeper
17InterruptionsGOL) goal for the observed team; FGF) free-throw for the observed team; FFSB) throw-in in for the observed team; FFSE) corner throw-in for the observed team; FFSP) goal throw-in for the observed team; CGF) free-throw against the observed team; CFFB) throw-in against the observed team; CFFF) corner throw-in or goal throw-in against the observed team; SM) 7-metre throw; DA) play stopped by referee; RA) play resumed by referee; SC) centre throw-in; TPM) dead time; F1P) end of first part; F2P) end of match
18InterceptionsP) Loss of ball; R) Recovery; IOC) Temporary interception with continuity
19PassiveYES; NO; THREAT
20Specific positionPT) Goalkeeper; LTI) Left backcourt; LTD) Right backcourt; CN) Centre; PV) Pivot; ED) Right wing; EI) Left wing; CNTD) Defensive centre