Table 1

Exercises used during the first intervention period. Without added external load

Exercises without added external load (without weights)SeriesRepetitions
Plyometrics090-150 jumps
Technical exercises, strokes and propulsive moves with elastic bandsSupport scull3-415-20
Scull stroke3-415-20
Barracuda propulsion3-410-15
Multiple handball throwsAbove the head (throw-in)3-510
Frontal (chest throw)3-510
Lateral two hands3-510/side
Overhead smash3-520”- 30”
Overhead smash with jump3-520”- 30”
Technical exercises with lower body and breadth of movement (hip)Dynamic stretches, low-medium speed (flexion, extension, abduction, hip2-310-15
Controlled hip flex./ext./abd. up to maximum active breadth (without counter-movement)2-310-15
Rotation and ext. of hip from 90º abduction2-310-12
Same exercises as above with load on the ankles or elastic bands2-310
Acrobatic elementsTiptoes (vertical balance 3 points of supports)
Handstand bridge
Bridge with vertical leg
Back walkover from bridge