Table 1

Descriptive statistics of items and dimensions

1. In sport, I have a close relationship with other people. RL6,17 1,19-1,853,66
2. In sport, I feel I am pursuing goals that are my own.AUT LC5,701,34-1,201,04
3. I feel I participate in my sport willingly.AUT VL6,141,16-1,763,52
4. In sport, I get opportunities to make choices.AUT EL5,401,48-0,970,54
5. In sport, I feel that I am being forced to do things that I don’t want to do.AUT VL5,871,63-1,521,38
6. I can overcome challenges in my sport.CM5,821,22-1,372,23
7. I show concern for others in my sport.RL5,611,56-1,281,06
8. I choose to participate in my sport according to my
own free will.
AUT VL6,530,99-2,768,46
9. In my sport, I have a say in how things are done.AUT EL4,831,71-0,67-0,31
10. There are people in my sport who care about me.RL6,081,26-1,763,13
11. I am skilled at sport.CM5,881,20-1,191,33
12. I feel I am good at sport.CM5,581,27-0,940,72
13. In sport, I can take part in the decision making process.AUT EL5,041,59-0,69-0,16
14. I get opportunities to feel that I am good at sport.CM5,601,25-0,890,57
15. In sport, I really have a sense of wanting to be there.AUT LC5,881,30-1,341,53
16. In sport, I feel I am doing what I want to be doing.AUT LC6,191,14-1,793,51
17. I have the ability to perform well in sport.CM5,731,22-1,111,19
18. In sport, there are people who I can trust.RL6,231,14-1,843,37
19. I have close relationships with people in sport.RL6,381,08-2,305,66
20. In sport, I get opportunities to make decisions.AUT EL5,341,54-0,900,23
1. Competence5,721,00-1,041,30
2. Autonomy choice5,151,26-0,760,42
3. Autonomy volition6,180,91-1,412,14
4. Autonomy internal perceived locus of causality5,921,03-1,271,63
5. Relatedness6,090,94-1,482,20

Note: RL = Relatedness; AUTLC = Autonomy Internal perceived locus of causality; AUTVL = Autonomy Volition; CM = Competence; AUTEL= Autonomy choice.