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Sport Discus
((DE “WOUNDS & injuries”) OR “injuries” OR “pain” OR “injury” OR “injured”) AND (Dance OR (DE  “FOLK dancing”) OR “Traditional dance”))).
Medline((MH “WOUNDS & injuries”) OR “injuries” OR “pain” OR “injury” OR “injured”) AND (MH “FOLK dancing”) OR (MH “dancing”) OR Traditional dance
Cinahl((MH “WOUNDS & injuries”) OR “injuries” OR “pain” OR “injury” OR “injured”) AND (MH “FOLK dancing”) OR (MH “dancing”) OR Traditional dance) 
Scopus(TITLE-ABS KEY ( “injuries” ) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY ( “Injury” ) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY ( “Athletic injuries” ))  AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY (“Dance” ) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY ( “Traditional dance” )  OR  TITLE-ABS-KEY  ( “Folk dance” ) )
Web of ScienceBasic Research: TOPIC:(injuries) AND TOPIC: (dance) OR TOPIC: (traditional dance) OR TOPIC:(folk dance).