Table 3

Linear regression models comparing body composition variables of the predicted DXA and anthropometry (Arm and Leg).

ModelCor (p)Int.BR2SEE (kg)
FM~Log BS .81****0.35
FM~Log TS .80****0.36
FM~ΣAS .83****0.37
FM~CAR .75****0.40
FM~CAT .77****0.38
%BF~ Log BS .70****4.43%
%BF~SSA .71**0.440.01.47**4.39%
TM~Log BS .76**5.550.82.55**1.02
TM~Log TS .72**4.730.53.47**1.11
TM~ΣAS .73****1.08
TM~RAC .73****1.08
TM~ACC .72****1.10
BMC ~ CalfS .720.010.13.48**0.10
BMC ~ TC .710.02-0.35.47**0.10
BMC ~ CC .720.03-0.53.49**0.10
FM ~ TS .790.160.69.60**1.19
FM ~ CalfS .850.180.73.70**1.03
FM ~ ΣLS .840.090.54.68**1.06
FM ~ TC 0.21-5.23.46**1.381.38
FM ~ CC .780.41-8.65.57**1.23
LM ~ CC .730.39-5.73.50**1.36
TM ~ CalfS .700.256.13.46**2.30
TM ~ TC .820.40-7.00.66**1.82
TM ~ CC .950.83-14.91.91**0.92
Note. The symbol ~ represents the relationship between the variables being the left side of the table (dependent variable) and right side of the table (independent variable).
COR: Correlation; INT: Intercept; B: Beta; SEE: standard error of estimate; FM: fat mass; Log BS: logarithm bicipital skinfold;Log TS: logarithm tricipital skinfold; ΣAS: sum of the arm (bicipital and tricipital) skinfolds; CAR: circumference of arm relaxed;CAT: circumference of arm tensed; %BF: percent body fat; TM: total mass; BMC: bone mineral content; CalfS: calf skinfold; ΣLS: Sum of the leg (thigh and calf) skinfolds; TC: thigh circumference; CC: calf circumference; TS: thigh skinfold; LM: lean mass.
** Denotes significant correlation of p < .01.