Table 2

Mean (±SD) of anthropometric variables and body composition.

Arm Trunk Leg 
BS (mm)7.03(± 3.30)MS (mm)19.66(± 12.54)TS (mm)19.73(± 9.61)
TS (mm)11.49(± 6.99)CS (mm)9.84(± 6.09)CalfS (mm)16.70(± 8.83)
ΣAS (mm)18.60(± 9.70)SiS (mm)23.32(± 11.95)TC (mm)42.87(± 6.41)
CAT (cm)33.68(± 4.32)AS (mm)27.35(± 13.16)CC (mm)30.28(± 3.60)
CAR (cm)30.57(± 4.26)SubS (mm)19.62(± 11.03)ΣLS (mm)36.44(± 17.97)
FC (cm)27.36(± 2.74)SPCT (mm)99.82(± 49.31)
ΣTS (cm)89.26(± 8.31)
AC (cm)95.52(± 11.35)
Body composition 
FM (kg)1.18(± 0.58)FM (kg)9.45(± 4.43)FM (kg)3.78(± 1.89)
LM (kg)3.86(± 1.01)LM (kg)23.57(± 3.60)LM (kg)6.23(± 1.93)
TM (kg)5.26(± 1.54)TM (kg)33.72(± 6.91)TM (kg)10.32(± 3.13)
% BF21.48(± 6.02)% BF27(± 7.85)% BF35.5(± 11.2)
BMC (kg)0.22(± 0.06)BMC (kg)0.70(± 0.21)BMC (kg)0.31(± 0.14)
BMD (g/cm2)0.891(± 0.08)BMD (g/cm2)1.124(± 0.392)BMD (g/cm2)0.996(± 0.15)
Note. BS: bicipital skinfold; TS: tricipital skinfold; ΣAS: sum of the arm (bicipital and tricipital) skinfolds; CAT- circumference of arm tensed; CAR: circumference of arm relaxed; FC: forearm circumference; MS: midaxillary skinfold; CS: chest skinfold; SiS: suprailiac skinfold; AS: abdominal skinfold; SubS: subscapular skinfold; ΣTS: Sum of the trunk (midaxillary, chest, suprailiac and abdominal) skinfolds; WC: waist circumference; AC: abdominal circumference; TS: thigh skinfold; CalfS: calf skinfold; TC: thigh circumference; CC: calf circumference; ΣLS: Sum of the leg (thigh and calf) skinfolds; FM: fat mass; LM: lean mass; TM: total mass; %BF: percent body fat; BMC: bone mineral content; BMD: bone mineral density.